Sunday, 8 February 2015

Imbolg 2015

It was Imbolg last Monday (2nd February) and I made some pancakes. Last year I made American style pancakes but this year I decided to do British/English ones. (Click on the Imbolg link to see last year's pancakes). British pancakes are bigger and thinner than American ones, they're more like the type that are called crepes in America. You can read more about different types of pancakes here:

I used this recipe from the Co-Op magazine:

It's a kids' recipe but I'm not used to making pancakes and it took 3 attempts to get a decent one! Never mind, lol. I put sugar and lemon on the pancakes and had them with some Belvoir Fruit Farms raspberry lemonade from Tesco.

Since it's Pancake Day coming up on the 17th you might want to use this recipe then. :)

I also lit a white candle. Imbolg is also known as Candlemas, so lighting candles is another way to celebrate.

I provided some resources for information on Imbolg last year but here is a new one if you'd like to read more:

Hope you had a good Imbolg. :) I'm glad that spring is coming now and the days are gradually getting longer.

P.S. Check out the Seasonal Events Info page to the right to see the next seasonal event coming up. :)

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