I have a page on my other blog Falling Petals of Resources and I've included links to magic/Wicca sites and books on there, so I thought it would be good to have a page on here as well with links to magic specific resources. Hope you find it useful. :)


Modern Witch's Guide to Life

Site run by modern witch Althea de la Estrellas with blog posts on magic/being a witch, astrology, manifesting and more! If you sign-up to her Monthly Almanach (newsletter) you receive a free e-book, ModernWitches' MANIFESTO. :)

Rockstar Priestess

Good witchcraft/spirituality site with a mermaid slant. Subscribe to the newsletter for free mermaid goodies! :)

Stella Seaspirit

Good site all about witchcraft run by Hedgewitch Stella Seaspirit. Sign-up to receive her free class on starting your own Daily Practise.

Lucy Cavendish

Website of Australian white witch and author Lucy Cavendish. She has written several books on witchcraft and also made CDs and Tarot and oracle card sets. Her site has some good info about magic.

Moody Moons

Good magic blog with ideas for celebrating the Wheel of the Year, tips, recipes and pagan craft ideas.

Penniless Pagan

Blog all about living a pagan life and celebrating sabbats (festivals) without spending money.

Tess Whitehurst

Website of author, spiritual teacher and Feng Shui consultant Tess Whitehurst. She blogs and makes videos about magic, energy, the sabbats and more. I recently bought her book Magical Housekeeping (see below).

The Seasonal Soul

Just discovered this site (Jan 2018). It's all about connecting with the seasons and celebrating sabbats and seasonal events, so if you like this blog I expect you'll like The Seasonal Soul too! If you sign-up to site creator Erin's newsletter you'll get a free Wheel of the Year e-book and journal. I 've signed up  and downloaded mine. :)


The Real Witches' Kitchen by Kate West

The book that started me off celebrating that the sabbats. :) It has ideas for celebrating with food but also contains info on spells and making your own lotions, oils and candles etc.

The Real Wiches' Handbook by Kate West

More in depth book about witchcraft in general. A good guide.

The Green Wiccan Book of Shadows by Silja

Another basic guide to witchcraft and some spells to do. They are fairly easy spells which don't require a lot of ceremony, so if that sounds like your style you'll probably like this book!

The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja

I recently got this from the library (Dec '16). It's all about herbs and herbal magic and rituals.

The Kitchen Witch by Soraya

Similar to The Real Witches' Kitchen with recipes for the sabbats.

What Witches Do by Stewart Farrar

Good book by journalist and author Stewart Farrar who spent time with Alex Sanders, the founder of Alexandrian Wicca and his wife Maxine and ended up becoming a witch himself. He describes rituals and also writes about spells and clairvoyance.

Witchcraft, Magic, Myth and Mystery And...Not Forgetting Fairies by Ralph Harvey

This book is written by Ralph Harvey of the Order of Artemis (who practise Gardnerian Wicca, founded by Gerald Gardner) and it's a collection of old lore and witchcraft traditions. Ralph talks about Wiccan ritual but doesn't go into detail, since some of the things he mentions are only revealed to coven members. He also mentions local traditions, e.g. the various delivery people who used to come round such as the coal man and the strawberry man. An interesting read.

Kitchen Witchcraft by Rachel Patterson

I just got this book for Christmas (2016). It's all about being a kitchen witch! Rachel tells you how to create a sacred kitchen, writes about candle magic and gives a basic overview of celebrating the sabbats and working with the moon and herbs/plants. There are some candle spells and meditations. It's a small book but useful if you're interested in kitchen witchcraft and don't know too much about it yet.

Llwellyn's 2017 Sabbats Almanac

I just got this (Jan 2017). If you like celebrating the sabbats then you'll probably like this book. :) It contains rituals, recipes ideas for celebrating Samhain 2016 to Mabon 2017 and information on the history behind them. Several authors contributed including Elizabeth Barrette, Dallas Jennifer Cobb, Sybil Fogg, Michael Furie, Melanie Marquis, Kristoffer Hughes and Mickie Mueller. It's published by the popular spiritual publishing company Llewellyn.

Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst

I just bought this (Jan '17). It's a good book all about having a magical home. Tess gives advice for clearing clutter and cleaning and shares rituals for protection, manifesting and more. She uses Feng Shui and other magical principles. I recently did the oatmeal cookie ritual for abundance and luck.

Holistic Energy Magic by Tess Whitehurst

Another good one from Tess which focuses mostly on charms, spells, rituals and other techniques you can do without physical tools. I found this good because I'm sometimes put off if there are too many tools to work with and  it feels like too much fuss! lol. So if you're like me you may like this book. Includes chapters on intentions and affirmations, the elements, your unseen allies (angels, deities etc) and cleansing and clearing. My favourite chapter is No 1. Secrets to Your Success which is about manifesting your desires.

The Good Energy Book by Tess Whitehurst

My most recent Tess book (bought it in April 2017). This one is all about energy techniques such as clearing, cleansing and shielding. There are exercises you can do to clear and protect yourself, your pets, home and objects. Tess also goes quite in depth on the subject of earthbound spirits, a topic which can be quite scary but she explains about them and gives you techniques for detecting and clearing them and protecting yourself.

I've been doing the Daily Self Clearing and Shielding exercises (although not always daily!) and the home protection ones too. This is a good read if you'd like to learn more about energy and working with it.

The Source: a Manual of Everyday Magic by Ursula James

This is a unique book written by  hypnotist Professor Ursula James but a large part of it was channelled from Mother Shipton (Ursula Sonteil), the 16th century Yorkshire healer and prophetess.  It tells you how use magic to create the life of your dreams by using magical techniques. It's set out in stages.

I first got this from the library a few years ago but i didn't complete it. I got it again at the end of last year and have got finished working though it (April 2017). I haven't seen big changes yet but I do feel better for having done the exercises. If you're into magic I expect you will enjoy this book and if you don't have much experience it might inspire you to practise more in future. :)

Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World by Deborah Blake

I first got this from the library at the beginning of 2016 and got it out again recently (June 2017). Deborah gives you simple ways for living a "witchy life" every day such as meditating, following moon cycles, doing quick daily rituals, having a magical home and celebrating the sabbats. Other pagans share their stories as well. Last year I made a salt doll for grounding (a suggestion from Gail Wood). There are also ideas for sharing witchcraft information and practices with others who may not know much about magic/paganism. This is a good book if you want to have a daily/and or more regular witchcraft practice.

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