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The Wheel of the Year is a seasonal cycle followed by Wiccans and other pagans. It consists of sabbats, festivals which occur throughout the year. There are Major and Minor sabbats, (8 altogether, 4 major and 4 minor), including solstices (when the sun is at its highest or lowest point) and equinoxes (when days and nights are of equal length). A few of these ancient festivals have modern counterparts- Hallowe'en, Christmas, Easter and May Day (1st May).

You don't have to be a pagan to follow The Wheel of the Year or seasonal cycles, you can celebrate in your own way if you'd like to. :) Here is the list of the festivals and links to my posts about them:

Samhain (31st October/1st November)*-  Major Sabbat. Witches' New Year, the modern counterpart is Hallowe'en. Most important sabbat and last of the 3 harvest festivals on The Wheel of the Year.

Yule (Around 21st December)-  Minor Sabbat. Also known as Midwinter and the Winter Solstice. Fire festival. Time of the shortest day and longest night. This sabbat pre-dated Christmas.

Imbolg (Around 2nd February)-  Major Sabbat. Also known as Imbolc and Candlemas. Feast of Bride/Brighid. First spring festival.

Oestara (Around 21st March)-  Minor Sabbat. Also spelt Ostara. The Spring Equinox. Easter evolved from this.

Beltane (30th April/1st May)-  Major Sabbat. Alternative spelling is Beltaine. Festival of the Fire God Bel. Also a fertility festival. The second most important sabbat after Samhain and the beginning of the summer season. Some modern May Day traditions originated from this festival.
Litha (Around 21st June)-  Minor Sabbat. Midsummer and the Summer Solstice.  Fire festival. Time of the longest day and shortest night. First official day of summer.

Lammas (Around 1st August)- Major Sabbat. Also known as Lughansadh. Festival of the Sun God Lugh. Celebrates the first of the harvest and is the first of the 3 harvest festivals on the Wheel.

Madron (Around 21st September)- Minor Sabbat. Alternative name is Mabon. Autumn Equinox. 2nd of the harvest festivals.

For more on the Wheel of the Year visit these links:

Also here is a link to the Druid festivals. I don't know very much about Druidry but it has similarities to the Wiccan beliefs and you may find you'd rather follow the Druid path:

*These are the dates for the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere it's reversed. :) For the Southern Hemisphere dates check out these links:

Next festival coming up: 

Samhain- 31st October.

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