Sunday, 10 May 2020

March/April Update + Baking Inspiration

Time for the March/April update! This year I decided to do updates every couple of months rather than monthly ones like last year, because I sometimes found it hard fitting them in with the sabbat posts.

I'm a bit later writing this because I did the Beltane 2020 post last weekend. This will be quite a long post because it's covering two months. Also at the end I've included a baking inspiration section because lots of people are baking right now! So if you're here for the baking, just scroll down. :)

Read Jan/Feb's update here:

These past couple of months have been hard worldwide with so many cases of the coronavirus and lots of countries introducing lockdowns/quarantines. Late Feb/early March was like the last "normal" time here in the UK (before lockdown).

March started with my birthday. I had a good day, I got some nice presents and had a red velvet cake again, like last year. Then a few days later I went to Nando's with my mum, the Brighton one this time rather than the one in Hove. I had my "usual" (although I only go about once a year! lol), chicken butterfly (plain-ish), chips and Coke. Then for a change I had frozen yoghurt for pudding (dessert) and bought some carrot cake to take home. Here's a pic of my food:

Monday, 4 May 2020

Beltane 2020

Last Friday it was Beltane and  I celebrated by making guacamole and salad. I used my favourite guacamole recipe from The Kitchen Witch by Soraya, and the salad I made was this avocado one from Precious Core:

Last year I made her Kachumbari (Kenyan tomato and onion salad) for Beltane. As I said in the More Beltane Inspiration post, I thought it would be nice to add an African touch since I'm part Cameroonian (English and a little bit Scottish as well), and Precious who runs the site is originally from Cameroon. The salad was really nice and simple to make. I had both that and the guacamole with some ciabatta bread, chicken, tortilla chips and dip for lunch. Here's a picture: