Sunday, 20 May 2018

Baking- Cheese Scones + Brownies

I've been doing some baking recently, so it's time for another baking post. :)

Cheese Scones

First of all I made cheese scones a couple of weekends ago. They were for my mum's birthday because she likes them. :) I personally prefer sweet scones but cheese are nice too.

The recipe is from Sam Stern's Cheese Scone Tea in his Student Cookbook.

Cheese Scone tea


225g/8oz plain white flour
4 level tsps baking powder
Good pinch salt
Pinch dry mustard and/or cayenne pepper
50g/20z finely grated Cheddar (I used half Red Leicester, half Canadian cheddar)
50g/2oz butter
1 large egg, beaten
4 tbsps cold water

Note: I've only copied the ingredients out because I believe that's all I'm allowed to do legally. The recipe isn't on Sam's website but you can find a similar one from All Recipes here:

 There is one online for Sam's sweet scones in a Yorkshire Cream Tea:

And here's another one from BBC Food:

The BBC Food one uses self raising flour rather than plain white flour and baking powder, which are in the Sam recipe.

Paul Hollywood also has a recipe for wholemeal cheese scones that uses plain flour and baking powder:

The recipe I made has Cheddar cheese in but I used half Red Leicester and half Canadian Cheddar. They came out quite nice. Here's a picture:

Foil got a bit burnt but never mind!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Beltane 2018

Last Tuesday was Beltane and since I like to celebrate the sabbats by making food and drink, I made guacamole and had it with toasted ciabatta bread and chicken salad for lunch. As I mentioned in my Celebrating Beltane/May Day post, the recipe is from Soraya's The Kitchen Witch book and I've made it for the past 3 years.

There's a ciabatta bread recipe in The Kitchen Witch but I bought some from Tesco instead, lol. The salad is a ready made one from Tesco as well. It all went nicely together. Here's a pic: