Sunday, 3 May 2015

Beltane 2015

I celebrated Beltane on Friday (1st May). You can celebrate on either 30th April or 1st May. Last year I had salad for lunch and an elderflower drink. See last year's post here:

This year I made an elderflower and lemon drink using an old recipe from the Co-Op magazine. It's basically just elderflower drink (I used Belvoir's Elderflower Cordial) mixed with fizzy/sparkling water and lemon juice. I did like it but originally I made it too weak. It tasted better when I added more cordial.

I also made my own guacamole using a recipe from my new book The Kitchen Witch by Soraya. I'd never made it before. It's not complicated to make and it tasted quite nice. Green is a colour associated with Beltane, so guacamole fits in with that! I had it with chicken drumsticks, potato salad, coleslaw, shop bought dips (salsa, guacamole and onion and garlic), tomato and a few crisps.

Here's a picture of the salad. You can see the home made guacamole to the left of the plate. It's paler than the shop one.