Welcome to The Seasonal Life. I thought it was time I created an About Page on here since I already have one on my other blog Falling Petals!

Photo taken on Worthing Beach- April '18.

About me: I'm a 37 year old woman and I live in South East England. I use the nickname/username Moonsparkle because I prefer posting under a username (although I sometimes use my initials ZM). My hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music, watching films, playing the PS2 and PS3, going on the internet, penpalling and belly dancing. I love music and books the most. :) I also like iced coffees, celebrity magazines, taking photos, blogging, the countryside and the beach.

Another thing I like to do is celebrate the seasons.You can find lots of info on this blog about doing that. Also check out the Seasonal Info and Resources pages. Hope you enjoy the posts! :)

Created: May 2018. Updated March 2021.

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