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March Update

Here is March's update. :) Read previous monthly updates here:



March started off with my birthday. I had a good day, got some nice presents and had a red velvet cake! The next week I went to Nando's with my mum. I had chicken butterfly (plain-ish), chips and coleslaw with Coke, then carrot cake and ice cream for pudding (dessert). Here are a couple of pictures of the food:

Had started eating cake before I remembered to take a pic!

On 20th March I also celebrated Oestara/the Spring Equinox. You can read about it here:

Now that spring is officially here, the days are getting longer and lighter and I feel better. I prefer warmer weather. (Although snow is forecast for some parts of the UK!). The clocks went forward on Sunday, so now sunset is an hour later (about 7.35pm). I like having longer days.

The weather has been nice and sunny this past week, although still chilly at times and colder at night. I went to my favourite nature reserve for the first time this year just after Oestara and plan to go more this spring and summer. I've been to the beach a couple of times over the winter but I'm looking forward to going more now the weather's getting better. The daffodils are starting to die off now (sad to see them go), but more blossom trees are coming out. Last week they had come out in Hove Park (in the two weeks since I'd last been there). Here's a picture:

If you'd like some spring inspiration check out this post:

Yesterday was Mother's Day (UK Mother's Day is March) and I made a chocolate Rice Crispy fridge cake. You can find the recipe here:

It's a no-bake cake similar to the Birdies Perch Malteser slice which is a favourite of mine to make and to the Malteser Fridge Squares I made this Oestara, except it has Rice Krisipes in. Gillian who created the recipe describes it as "Rocky road meets rice crispy fridge cake".  Since she originally made it around Easter she topped hers with Mini Eggs and Mini Creme Eggs. I put a few Mini Eggs on top of mine but mostly Maltesers since my mum likes them. (Not a fan of Creme Eggs so I left them off! lol). It was quite nice. Here 's a photo:

I used digestive biscuits (you can use those, ginger snaps or Marie biscuits). I didn't use any mini marshmallows or fruit. The Rice Krisipes give it a different taste and texture to the other Maltesers slices/fridge cakes I've made. Out of the two I made during March I preferred the Malteser slice but this was still nice for a change. My mum liked it. :)

Apart from that I've finished the anxiety course now  but I've also started a bullet journalling course at my local mental health resource centre, which is quite good. And I went to some Meetup events the past few weekends.

Read: Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery (two of my faves),
The Descent by Alma Katsu, started re-reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

Links I found useful in March: 

Leeor Alexandra of Living Lovelee is sending out daily emails for 30 days to her subscribers where she talks/writes about the Law of Attraction and other spiritual and self help/personal development topics. She also shares videos on her YouTube channel. I prefer to read blog posts than watch videos, but I have been enjoying hers. Check out her site here:

Sabryie Ayana is running The Love Project (that's what I also called my series of blog posts over on Falling Petals!) which is about raising your personal vibration to the frequency of love and above. It's Day 12 today, but it lasts 21 days and there's still a sign-up link on her site:

That's it for March! Hope you enjoyed the post. :) How has your past month been?

P.S. Amina Makhdoom of Lunch With Cinderella is running her annual Joy Challenge again this year! I've taken it several times and it's fun. It just started today so here's the link if you'd like to learn more and join:

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