Sunday, 7 February 2016

Imbolg 2016

Imbolg was last Tuesday (2nd February) and like other years I celebrated by making pancakes (an idea in The Real Witches' Kitchen book). This year I made English pancakes. They came out really nice this year, other times I'm disappointed with them! lol.

I put sugar and lemon on the pancakes and had them with Tesco Cloudy Lemonade. Here's a picture:

To see last year's pancakes check out this link:

And for my pancake recipe visit this post:

Hope everyone had a great Imbolg. :) This sabbat is when you start to see the first signs of spring coming. The daffodils have been out really early this year but the weather's been quite cold and there are gale force winds at the moment! It won't be too long till spring though. :)

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