Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer Photos

Summer is my favourite season and here in the UK we've been having one of the hottest summers for years. Temperatures have been around 29 to 34 Celsius (I think that's about 84 to 93F) in some places which is hot for the UK. I know that in some places it goes up to 40C but I suppose you're used to it if it's your regular weather! (I used to live in Fiji as a child and I suppose I was just used to it.) I've been enjoying the weather, although I do have to adjust to the heat!

Back in April I shared some spring photos (we had some unusually hot weather for a bit then, which made it seem more like early summer), so thought it would be good to share some summer ones today. :)

First of all here are a few pics from Worthing Beach:

Worthing Beach

Then a couple from my favourite park:

Hove Park

Hope you liked the photos! And that you're enjoying summer (or winter/cool season etc. depending on where you are). :)

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