Sunday, 23 December 2018

Yule 2018

It was Yule aka the Winter Solstice on Friday (21st December) and as I mentioned in my Celebrating Yule/Christmas post, I celebrated with a chocolate Yule log. This year's was a Belgian chocolate one from Tesco (think it's new) and was quite nice. Here's a pic:

In the evening I made some spicy hot milk based on a recipe in Soraya's The Kitchen Witch (I put ginger, mixed spices and cinnamon in mine). I also lit a red candle and displayed it along with a mistletoe heart I knitted. Here are a couple of photos:

Plus I said the Winter Solstice affirmations in this Tess Whitehurst video:

Hope you had a good Yule! (Or Litha if you've just had that). :) From now on the days will get gradually lighter (which I'm glad about!) but it's also the proper start of winter, and we still have Christmas and the rest of the winter season to go. I'm planing to bake a Christmas vanilla roll cake for this Christmas; I last made it 5 years ago and liked it. I'm also going to make this Christmas Eve hot chocolate tomorrow (don't have a crockpot, so I'll improvise!):

 Will post again after Christmas. :)

Merry Christmas to those celebrating! Wishing everyone a lovely winter (or summer) season and Happy New Year! :)

Yule may be over but it's Christmas in two days, so here are a couple of Christmas themed posts:

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And if it's winter where you are, check our this post for winter inspiration: 

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