Monday, 28 December 2020

Yule 2020

Last week (Monday 21st December) it was Yule/the Winter Solstice. I usually celebrate with a chocolate Yule log. Occasionally I make my own, but most of the time I buy them because it's easier! lol. As I mentioned in the More Yule Inspiration post, this year I bought one again. 

It was from Sainsbury's and I liked it, although I do think it was better in previous years. Here's a picture: 

I also like to light candles because Yule is a fire festival. I have green and red usually, but this year I could only get a red one. (I buy them from a garden centre). Here's a photo: 


So that was the final sabbat of 2020! It's certainly been an unusual year. We're now officially in winter. The days are still short and darker (although today was nice and sunny), but will now gradually start getting longer again. 

I baked a ginger poke cake for Christmas on Friday and will do a post about that next week. I'm also going to do the final "double monthly" update for 2020, so that will probably be the week after.

Hope you had a good Yule (or Litha for those in the Southern Hemisphere) and/or Christmas! Or that you enjoyed another festival if you celebrated that. :) Happy New Year! Wishing a better time for all in 2021! :)

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