Sunday, 28 December 2014

Red Velvet Buche de Noel

I made a Red Velvet Buche de Noel for pudding on Christmas Day. Buche de Noel is the French name for a Yule log. This one is like a Red Velvet cake. The recipe is similar to the one for the chocolate Yule log I made for Yule but I found it easier, even though the other recipe was for kids! lol. The Yule log recipe was a fatless sponge but this has butter in it, so it was easier to mix.

The original buche had boozy cranberries but I wasn't bothered about the cranberries or the alcohol, so I left them out. The buttercream was made of white chocolate, cream cheese and marscapone (an Italian cheese). I got the recipe from Tesco magazine. Here's a link to the online version:

This is the buche before I put the buttercream on:

And after:

The end of it wasn't completely cooked, so it ended up being shorter but never mind! lol. The buche was quite nice and I ate it with Nestle Carnation topping (evaporated milk), like I did last year with the Christmas vanilla roll cake.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Happy New Year! :)

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