Sunday, 15 May 2016

Peanut Butter and Nutella Energy Bites

Last weekend I wanted to bake something but since I'm having still oven problems as I mentioned in my Easter post, I can't do any proper baking at the moment. So I decided to make energy bites. I used the recipe for these Energy Bites from the site i should be mopping the floor but I added Nutella. (Just put it in along with the peanut butter).

They came out quite nice. Some were more Nutellary than others, lol. Energy bites are a healthier snack to have too, although the Nutella probably made them a bit less healthy! Here's a pic:

I've made the Energy Bites a few times and like them but I got a bit bored of them in the past, lol. Once I dipped them in Nutella, so I thought this time I'd put the Nutella in! I've come across Nutella energy bites recipes on Pinterest and saved them on my Recipes To Make board and I plan to have a go at different ones in the future.

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