Monday, 30 May 2016

More No-Bake Recipes

I'm feeling into "No-bake" recipes at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I made some Peanut Butter Energy Bites and added some Nutella. You can see them here:

This reminded me that I'd had an actual recipe for Nutella Energy Bites saved on my Pinterest Recipes To Make board (for about a year! lol), so I had a go at making them. I used this recipe:

They came out really nice, tasted kind of like Ferrero Rocher. Probably because of the cereal which made them crunchy. (I used Rice Krispies). I think they were the nicest ones I've made so far. Here's a pic:

Update 24/2/17: I've just realised that Ferrero make Nutella, so that's why they taste like Ferrero Rocher! lol.

And then later in the week I made No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Bars (another one that I'd pinned about a year ago!). Here's the recipe:

These were also nice. I used raisins and chocolate chips and added some maple syrup and golden syrup along with the honey because I don't like honey that much. I didn't bother with the shredded coconut but might use it another time. Here's a picture of one of the bars:

I liked them both but my favourites were the Nutella Bites and I'd definitely like to make them again. I plan to make more No-bake things in the future, so look out for more posts. :)


  1. Have you ever read the book 'The Garden Cottage Diaries, My Year in the Eighteenth Century'
    by Fiona J. Houston? I've just been re-reading it for about the third time and looking at the books on your reading list I think you would love it.

    1. Hi, I haven't but it sounds like something I'd like. I'll check it out. Thank you. :)