Sunday, 9 July 2017

Baking- One Bowl Chocolate Cake and 7up Cake

I've been doing some more baking lately, so thought I would do another baking post. :) I recently made one bowl chocolate cake and 7up cake.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

A couple of weeks ago I made a one bowl chocolate cake. (The reason for the name is that it's all mixed up in the same bowl). The recipe is from Six Sister's Stuff, here's the link:

Note: When I've visited this site recently I've been getting a warning message from my anti-virus saying that it's a security threat. However I emailed them and one of the sisters told me that they have had their site checked and it's not coming from there. I used Google Chrome to view the site like she suggested and nothing's happened. (My usual browser is Firefox). So it's probably best viewed in Chrome. :)

I've previously made one bowl black tea chocolate cake but that had a bit of a bitter taste with the tea. I did like it but this cake was nicer. Here's a picture:

I actually ended up putting the mixture in two baking trays because there was a lot of it. There wasn't enough icing though, so the second cake was only half iced! lol. The sprinkles are sugar strands from Tesco.

7up Cake

I heard about this ages ago (I think I first heard the actress Jada Pinkett Smith mention it!). I actually had links saved in an email in 2014 but never got round to making it, lol. I also discovered Coca-Cola chocolate cake and that appealed to me more, lol. But I felt like doing some more baking and so I got round to making the 7up one!

I had 3 links saved and in the end I went with this recipe from Cozycakes Cottage:

If you're interested in the other recipes here's a link to one:

The other one was from a site calked Twirl and Taste but it's now gone.

The County Cottage one needs yellow cake mix (in the UK you can just use vanilla since we don't have yellow and white cake mixes) and instant lemon pudding (not sure we have that here either but there must be some equivalent).

The recipe is for a bundt cake (most of them seem to be) but I don't have a bundt pan, so I just made an ordinary shaped cake. I made a glaze type icing to go on top like the recipe suggested and it soaked into the cake. Here's a photo:

A relative also made some buttercream to eat it with. It's quite a nice cake and it made a difference to have a lemon/vanilla cake instead of chocolate! lol. Like with the Coke cake you don't really taste the drink in the cake itself; it just makes it moister.

I used to drink 7-up a lot but cut down on fizzy drinks in 2009 for my dental health. I still like Coke but hardly have 7-up nowadays. It's 7-up Free now which has no caffeine, sugar etc. in it. I was worried it would taste awful but it seems to taste similar to the original! (Although it is maybe a year or more since I last had 7-up, lol). And as I said, you can't taste it in the cake itself anyway.

I'm not sure if I'd make this cake a lot but it is good for a change. I prefer the Coke chocolate one but if you prefer vanilla and/or lemon cake then you'll probably like this one better. :)

For more on the Coke cake visit this post:

Also the Country Cottage site has a recipe for Coca-Cola cake which might have a go at sometime:

Out of the two cakes I preferred the one bowl chocolate cake but it was good to make a lemon one. I plan to do more baking soon, maybe cookies next! I made some protein bars (actually mine are peanut butter bars really because they don't have protein powder in) but they're no-bake. I didn't like them that much, so re-worked some of them into chocolate and peanut butter energy bites! It's nice to try new things though. :) I put some Nutella on top and they taste nicer like that. It's not exactly like the recipe either since I used ordinary milk, not almond milk. I'd like to try baking (or no-baking!) with almond milk in the future though.

Have you baked either of these cakes or anything similar?

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