Sunday, 6 October 2019

September Update

Time for the September update! Read previous monthly updates here:

There was a difficult end to August because my boy cat died. :( His sister died two years ago and it was really hard to lose him as well. So I didn't feel so great, but have been trying to feel better.

During September I attended a few Meetup events, including afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel in Brighton. I'd wanted to visit the hotel for ages, so it was fun to get a chance to go. I wrote a post about it on my other blog Falling Petals, in the context of the Law of Attraction/manifesting, since it was one of the goals on my Life List (like a bucket list). You can read that here:

Here are a couple of pictures  from that day that I didn't share in that post:

Flowers outside The Grand and Brighton seafront.

Churchill Square, Brighton.

I also celebrated Madron aka Mabon/the Autumn Equinox on 24th September. Here's my post about it:

I like September but I tend to feel a bit sad at this time of year because summer is over. Now autumn is officially here and I'm really starting to notice the shorter days. Sunset is around 6.30pm here. The end of September was windy and rainy and so far October has been quite cold. Although it's around 14 degrees here, so nothing like winter temperatures! Although last October I still wore flip flops for a bit, lol. We're supposedly going to have a cold winter this year/early next year.They say it could be the coldest winter for 30 years. Sometimes I think these reports are exaggerated, but last year it was quite cold!

It seems weird that we're now in the last quarter of the year! In a few weeks it will be Samhain/Halloween which I'm looking forward to. I'm planning to do a new inspiration/celebration post this year. :)

Hope you're enjoying autumn! If you'd like some autumn inspiration check out these posts:

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Or if it's spring where you are, hope you're having a good one so far! You may like this post:

Preparing for Spring + Spring Inspiration:

Saw: Bollywood horror films Raaz: the Mystery Continues (had wanted to see this for a long time), Darna Zaroori Hai, the sequel to Darna Mana Hai (didn't have English subtitles unfortunately but could get the gist of it!), and the Pet Sematary remake.

Music I listened to: Janine- Broke Me Down, Alina Baraz- To Me and I've also been liking Doyin by Mr Eazi and Simi (Nigerian/Ghanaian). 

Links I found useful:

Simply Fiercely post about being happy with what you have:

A Skeptic's Guide to Witchcraft (I don't consider myself a sceptic but I do find it hard to truly believe in things):

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