Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chocolate Drinks

Last month I made a couple of chocolate drinks using recipes from Sam Stern's Student Cookbook. I made a chocolate milkshake and hot chocolate. I thought now was a good time to post about them both, since the weather has still been warm but it's getting colder at night, so you might feel like both kinds of drinks. :)

I made the chocolate milkshake first but I was disappointed with it, so I decided to make the hot chocolate a few days later, lol. I'll still include both on here though.

First here is the chocolate milkshake:

Chocolate Milk Shake (Power Drink for 1)


A few chunks good dark chocolate
250ml/9fl oz cold milk
2 scoops best chocolate ice cream or 1 choc and 1 vanilla

I don't have the recipe to link to but here's a similar recipe:

And another one with melted chocolate in:

The problem with this was that because you're just putting hot melted chocolate straight into milk it goes hard straight away. So I ended up with hard bits of chocolate instead of it blending in properly! (That's a bit of chocolate on the top in the picture). I don't know if I was doing it wrong or what, lol. (My mum didn't know how to stop it doing that either). Maybe it works better if you have an actual blender but I don't, so I just mixed it in a bowl. Maybe it was because I didn't mix it in quick enough by hand? Never mind! You also can do this with drinking chocolate and I expect that works much better.

I used Tesco Plain Chocolate and I think both chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

And here's the hot chocolate:

Hot Chocolate Treat for 2


110g/4oz 70% cocoa solids chocolate
425ml/15fl oz any milk

This recipe isn't online here but here's a link to a similar one that involves melting chocolate:

The hot chocolate came out a lot better because it was melted chocolate going into hot milk. I used some chocolate I had left.

Hope you enjoy them if you make them and that if you make the milkshake it comes out better for you! :)

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