Monday, 17 April 2017

Frosted White Chocolate Easter Cake

For Easter this year I made a white chocolate Easter cake. I decided to make it on Good Friday because other relatives were also baking things and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat everything on Easter Sunday! lol. The recipe is a James Martin one. Here's the link:

I first made this for Easter a few years ago (I think in 2013) and although at first I wasn't that sure about it, I ended up liking it. So I thought I would be good to do the same cake again this year. It has white chocolate in the sponge and cream cheese frosting/icing with Mini Eggs on top. Here's a picture:

This is nice. It tastes kind of like Madeira cake. I think it's a unique combination with the white chocolate cake and the cream cheese frosting. I recently made a red velvet cake but found this a much easier recipe. (The red velvet cake didn't come out that well but was still better than the first one I baked a few years ago!).

One tip I would give about this is to keep it in the fridge because the icing melts and the colour of the eggs runs. In the recipe James says you can wrap it in clingfilm and then freeze it for up to a month. I think keeping it in the fridge also works, I'm keeping mine in there now (still got some left) and I did that last time as well.

Hope you enjoy this if you make it and hope you had a good Easter if you celebrated. This year I got a Terry's Chocolate Orange egg, a Cadbury egg set and a couple of others! Happy Easter! :)

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  1. I quite often make chocolate cake (it's my go-to for birthday cakes) but have never actually made a white chocolate one, and have never done a cream cheese frosting either, so I'm quite intrigued by this recipe! It sounds like it would be really quite tasty! x #BrillBlogPosts

    1. Hi Madeline, thanks for commenting. :) It is really nice, I made it again this Easter. I love chocolate cake as well! :)