Sunday, 7 February 2021

Imbolg 2021

Last Tuesday (2nd Feb) it was Imbolg (more commonly known as Imbolc.). Some people celebrate from sundown on the 1st on sundown on the 2nd, but I normally have my main celebration on the 2nd.

 I made pancakes, oatmeal ones (American style) this year. The recipe is from Don't Waste the Crumbs:

They came out quite well and were good to have for a change. You could also make them for Pancake Day on the 16th this month, but I think I'll make English pancakes for that. Here's a pic of the oatmeal pancakes: 


As I said in my Ideas for Imbolg post, pancakes are a good choice for Imbolg because they use milk and eggs, which are associated with this sabbat and the start of spring. Pancakes and crepes are good too because they represent the sun. I also realised that oats fit the theme because they would have traditionally been from winter stores and last year's harvest. (Since we're in mid-winter and spring isn't here yet). You can read more about foods connected with Imbolg/Imbolc here:

The night before Imbolg (or from sundown on the 1st, which is also considered the start of the sabbat), I lit the Suprise Snowfall Yankee candle I got for Christmas. And on the evening of the 2nd, I lit a white candle. This sabbat is a good time to use up old candles, and to light new ones, to represent the light strengthening, and the days getting longer.

I went to the beach at sunset on the 2nd but it was cloudy and there was no actual sunset! So, I went again the day after Imbolg and this time there was a lovely one. Here are a couple of photos:


Sunset on Shoreham Beach.


So, now we're moving towards spring, but there's still quite a bit of winter to go. The daffodils have started coming up in my area but it's also cold and we've had some snow today. We don't often get it in Sussex, so it's nice to get a bit. 

 The days are getting longer now and I'm looking forward to spring. The next sabbat will be Oestara/Ostara aka the Spring Equinox in March. It will soon be a year since most places went into lockdown due to the coronavirus! It seems hard to believe. 6 months ago at Lammas, we'd been through the 1st lockdown in England and restrictions were easing. We're currently in out 3rd lockdown here. 2020 was really difficult, but hopefully this year will be better for everyone. :)

Hope you had a good Imbolg if you celebrated! (Or Lammas!). :)

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