Sunday, 7 March 2021

Winter Photos + Preparing for Spring

Back in 2019 I wrote a post called Summer Photos + Preparing for Autumn. You can see that here:

Now that we're at the tail end of winter, I thought it would be good to do an "opposite" post. So here are some winter photos and inspiration for preparing for spring. :) 

Winter Photos

We're coming to the end of winter and spring isn't far off. Although if you go by the meteorological definition, it already started on 1st March. The astronomical start of spring is on the Spring Equinox aka Oestara/Ostara, which is 20th March this year.

So, this is a "double post" featuring winter pictures and spring inspiration. :) 


First here are a few photos I took this winter. It seemed colder than the past couple of years. In Sussex we had a bit of snow during February, which made a change. We don't often get any. I don't think we've had a significant amount since 2018.

Buckingham Park- Shoreham-by-sea- January.

Shoreham Beach- February.

Snowy daffodils.


The beach pictures were taken when I went there just after Imbolg. Hope you liked all the photos! :)

Preparing for Spring

I've previously written a few posts on getting ready for spring and with inspiration to welcome the new season. The third one also features ideas for celebrating Oestara/Ostara aka the Spring Equinox in mid-late March. You can find them below:

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Note: If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, it's almost time for autumn. You may like these posts:

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I've mentioned before that the shift from winter to spring feels more hopeful for me, since I get more depressed during the winter. I feel "lighter" when the days get longer and the weather gets a bit warmer. So, I'm looking forward to spring and warmer days. This is the opposite of the shift from summer to autumn and we're now moving towards the lighter half of the year. At the moment the weather has warmed up a bit, it's around 6 to 8C (around 42 to 46F) during the day. Nights are chilly though, dropping to -1C (30F).

More daffodils are coming out and I saw a few daisies recently at the park. It will be nice to see more flowers blooming once spring properly starts. 


Here are some posts with ideas for getting into the mood for spring. :)


Check out my Preparing for Spring post for ideas for getting ready for the new season:

Here is a post with some ideas for things to do when waiting for spring:

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It seems hard to believe that it's a year this month since we first went into lockdown in the UK! This time last year we'd been hearing about the coronavirus spreading, in Asia particularly and about the lockdowns/quarantines they were having in some Asian and European countries. In my Oestara + Spring Inspiration post, I wrote that it may be a possible we'd have a lockdown in the UK too! And of course we did, starting on 23rd March. 

We're now currently in our 3rd lockdown in England (other UK countries have similar ones), but with plans to slowly ease restrictions over the next few months. Although this spring will be different for many of us, hopefully we'll still be able to enjoy it and things will get brighter over the spring and summer. :)

Hope you liked the post! :) I'm planning to do a new one with inspiration for Oestara soon. Happy Spring! (or Happy Autumn!) :) 

Photo: Local daffodils. Moonsparkle 2021.

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