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Getting Ready for Autumn

Last December I started a series of post about preparing for the coming seasons, the first post was Getting Ready for Winter. I followed that up with Getting Ready for Spring and Getting Ready for Summer, so now here is a post on getting ready for autumn, to complete the seasonal circle. :)

Note: If  spring is coming up where you are check out the spring post:

After what has felt like an especially long, hot summer, the weather has cooled down and autumn is coming. We seem to have had some weird weather in the UK this year, with snow storms in March and more snow than usual here in Sussex. Then in April we had hotter weather than usual for spring, and then a hot summer. I did enjoy the hotter weather, although I struggled a bit to adjust to the heat. In the past couple of weeks or so it's cooled down and now it's feeling more like autumn. The light shifts towards the end of August, mellows, and also now the shorter days (since Litha/the Summer Solstice they shorten by about a minute every 3 days and about 3 mins a day by Madron aka the Autumn Equinox) are becoming a bit more noticeable with sunset before 8pm instead of after 9 earlier in the summer.

It has actually warmed up these past couple of days and I'm planning to go to the beach tomorrow to make the most of the weather, before summer is officially over! But I'm also concentrating on moving into autumn.

As with the other seasons, there are two "official" starts to autumn- meteorological autumn which is 1st September, and astronomical autumn which is around 22nd September when the Autumn Equinox (Madron/Mabon) is. This year Madron is 23rd Sept. For more information read this post:

I always feel a bit sad when summer ends because it's my favourite season, but autumn has its good points too, such as beautiful trees changing colour, pleasantly cool weather and golden days.

Here are a few posts on getting ready for autumn:

I especially like the suggestion is The Yorkshire Dad post (first link) about making autumn recipes. I like to make potato and onion soup for lunch sometimes and tend to do that year round, but I haven't made it much over the summer.

You can find a couple of of soup recipes here:

Talking of soup, I did made some leek, bacon and potato chowder for lunch today. It's a Joe Wicks Christmas recipe, that I've had since last December but only just got round to making! lol. I can't find the recipe online but here's a similar one from Mary Berry:

Here's a pic:

Topped with bacon, chives and creme fraiche.

It was nice for a change but the coconut oil was quite strong. Also maybe it was a combination of that, and me putting too much creme fraiche in which made some of the vegetables have a bit of a chewy texture after a bit! Never mind, lol. I may make it again in future but not use coconut oil and only a bit of creme fraiche.

Back to the links- The Sustainable Edit (2nd link) post has 5 ways to make the most of autumn, including 1. Head to the woods and 2. Get cooking. Last October I went for a walk at Whiteways/Bury roundabout (we call it Bury roundabout in my family, I think because it's near Bury Hill), the first time I'd been there for years. I'd had "Walk in the woods in autumn again" on my Life List for ages! This is a good time of year to go walking in the countryside as well because the weather's usually quite nice. I just went for a walk earlier this evening on part of The South Downs Way, down to Upper Beeding. That's when I took the picture at the top of the page.

 Another suggestion to is get the house in order, "autumn clean" etc, the equivalent of spring cleaning. I had a tidy up this afternoon, been meaning to do it for ages! Tess Whitehurst writes a lot about decluttering; here's a useful post with tips:

And for more ideas for clearing the energy of your home for autumn, check out this article from The Seasonal Soul:

It relates to Madron/Mabon but I think any time during September is good to do these things. Erin who runs who the site also has an interesting post about the September New Moon which will be on 9th Sept:

Here's a post I shared in last year's  Madron/Autumn Equinox Celebration post

I also like this post from Katie Snooks about transitioning into autumn:

It was written last October, and although we're only in September it will get you in the mood for autumn!

Finally, this is a great post on living intentionally during the last few months of the year:

Tips include doing a brain dump, focusing on what truly matters and embracing meaningful traditions at home.

Hope you liked the post! :) How do you get ready for autumn? I'm planning to do a new post on ways to celebrate Madron but for now check out 2017's post:

Have a great autumn! (Or spring if it's spring where you are!). :)

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  1. I love Autumn with the change in the air and generally the 'feel' of it. Though I do prefer lighter evenings. You can't have it all I suppose! #brillblogposts

    1. Thanks for your comment, Carol. :) Autumn does have a nice feel to it, I know what you mean. I prefer the lighter evenings too, but autumn is nice is other ways!