Sunday, 3 June 2018

Getting Ready for Summer

Following on from my previous posts on getting ready for winter and spring, here's one on preparing for summer. :) 

Note: If winter is starting for you check out the winter themed post:

As with the other seasons, there are two official starts to summer- meteorological and astronomical. The beginning of meteorological summer is 1st June and the start of astronomical summer is the Summer Solstice (also known as Midsummer and Litha) around 21st June. The date varies year by year and is sometimes the 20th, but this year it's the 21st. For more info read this post:

This year we seemed to have a long winter with snow in March in areas that don't normally get much, such as my town in Sussex. (It did make a change though!). In April it finally started to feel more spring like and then we got some hotter weather, which was more like early summer. Temperatures went back to normal for the time of year and during May we had some hot weather again. Today it's around 19 degrees Celsius (66F), so not as warm.

Summer is my favourite season. I don't like cold weather which as I mentioned in my Getting Ready for Winter post, is probably partly because I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and could also be because I spent the first four years of my life mostly in hot countries (Southern Africa and Fiji). So I feel happier when summer comes. It also seems like there are more possibilities in the summer, things don't feel as "closed in"! I believe this is because the energy of summer is more about growth and expanding outwards, rather than pulling in. Currently the days are getting longer (sunrise is around 4.51am and sunset around 9.07pm) and this will continue until Litha/Midsummer which will be the longest day. It's the growing season and with better weather (in those places with varied climates) people are outdoors more. At least that's how I'm affected by it. Some people (like my mum!) prefer winter, so you may not feel that way. :)

Now here a few links on getting ready for summer. :)

This one is Australian based but still applies to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere currently:

Based around preparing your kitchen for summer:

I like Alissa Buttiglieri's  idea for becoming both mentally and physically prepared for summer. (See 2nd link).

Also this is a great article from Blessing Manifesting on summer self care: ideas:

I especially like Dominee's idea of treating yourself to ice cream every Saturday (in the Life Self-Care section). Ice cream is one of the things that really says "summer" to me. I have a list of summer activities and last week during my weekly walk to the park I got an ice cream (99 Mr. Whippy one) which was one of the things on the list. 

Day 3 in the challenge is Make lemon water or lemonade. I usually make lemonade for Litha and am planning to make my favourite Hello Kitty lemonade this year.

Wildwood and Sage has a post on seasonal celebrations specific to June:

Also a summer food guide:
Update 12/6/21: Wildwood and Sage is now closed.

And finally this article from The Seasonal Soul on the 5 lessons of summer is a good read: 

Update 7/6/18: Also just saw another post from The Seasonal Soul on protecting your energy over the summer, and thought I'd include it:

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great summer! (Or winter depending on your location!) :)

Photo: Lancing Beach. Moonsparkle 2018.

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