Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Oestara 2016

On Sunday (20th March) it was Oestara/the Spring Equinox. I like to celebrate the sabbats by making some food and/or drinks and in previous years I baked fairy cakes (click on the Oestara link to see them) and sugar cookie bars. My oven is broken at the moment though, so I had a look for a No-bake recipe). In the end I decided to go for Birdies Perch Malteser slice which is a favourite of mine. You can read more about Birdies Perch here: https://livingseasonal.blogspot.com/2013/09/birdies-perch-malteser-slice.html

I wanted to make the Malteser slice a bit different so I used some new McVities Digestive Nibbles as well as Maltesers. It came out quite nice. Here's a pic:

I forgot to put the grated milk chocolate on like I usually do, so I added sprinkles instead and then put Smarties eggs on top for the spring theme. (I hadn't used all the white chocolate for the topping so I added more and the sprinkles got covered up a bit!). I wanted to use Cadbury's Mini Eggs but couldn't find any in the supermarket, so decided to use Smarties for a change.

Last year I had a go at naturally dyeing eggs for Easter, inspired by this post: http://www.goddesslifestyleplan.com/how-to-naturally-dye-eggs/*

You can see one of my eggs here: https://livingseasonal.blogspot.com/2015/04/easter-cake.html

I planned to do it for Oestara this time but didn't get round to it, so maybe I'll have a go at Easter again.

Hope everyone had a good Oestara/Spring Equinox (or Autumn if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). I'm starting to see more signs of spring now although the weather is still quite cold. As I mentioned in my latest Imbolg post the daffodils were out really early this year.

I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for Easter next weekend but if the new oven hasn't come in time it'll have to be another No-bake recipe! Hope you're enjoying the start of spring and have a happy Easter. :)

*15/4/19: Page no longer there.

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