Friday, 19 June 2020

Litha + Summer Inspiration

Note: I normally post on Sundays or Monday but I realised I forgot to post about Litha last weekend, so I'm doing it today instead! :)

It's almost time for Litha  and the official start of summer! This year it's on Saturday 20th June (tomorrow!). Summer is my favourite season so I'm looking forward to it, even though this year's summer may look very different to previous ones, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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For the past few years I've done posts with ideas for celebrating Litha aka the Summer Solstice and summer. You can see them below:

This year I'm featuring more inspiration for Litha and ideas for celebrating summer. :)

Litha Inspiration

Litha, also known as the Summer Solstice and Midsummer, is the longest day of the year and the astronomical start of summer (the official beginning of summer in some countries, including the UK). It's directly opposite Yule aka the Winter Solstice and Midwinter on the Wheel of the Year. Solstice means "Sun stands still" and summer solstice is specifically the time when the North Pole tilts furthest towards the sun (compared to Yule when it tilts furthest away). Check out last year's post for a bit more on this:

This year the scientific time of the solstice is 22.43pm BST (5.43pm EDT). Find your local time here:

While Beltane was the start of the summer season, Litha is the "proper" beginning of summer. It is a bit confusing that we also call it "midsummer" but I believe it's because this time period is the middle of summer astronomically since it's the longest day, and also it's the midpoint of the growing season, in between planting and harvest. In Sweden it's called Midsommar and is a national holiday, celebrated around the date of the Summer Solstice. Read more at the links below:

Now here is some more info about Litha:

Note: This contains the date for last year:

And some celebration ideas:

How to have a beautiful midsummer:

A Might-Do List for Midsummer from Worts and Cunning:

Update 20/6/20: Just discovered this post so thought I'd share it quickly:

12 ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice Indoors:

I usually celebrate by having salad and making lemonade. In the last few years I've made rice pudding as well. I'll share some food and drink inspiration below. :)


One of my favourite lemonades to make is "Hello Kitty lemonade" (the recipe is from a Hello Kitty book!). You can see the recipe here:

In 2016 I used a lemonade recipe from The Real Witches' Kitchen by Kate West but it was too bitter for me, so I haven't made it since. Here are a couple more lemonade recipes:

Make/eat salad

I usually make salad for Litha as well. One of my favourite ones to make is tomato and onion, a recipe from The Kitchen Witch book by Soraya. You can see a picture here:

Last year I used red onion which was similar to the Kachumbari (Kenyan tomato and onion salad) I made for Beltane 2019. Here's the recipe for Kachumbari:

Precious who runs the site, adds cucumber and avocado to hers and it goes well together.

And here's a lettuce salad recipe from Precious (haven't made this but it looks nice!):

You can find some more ideas for celebrating in this post:

This year I'm planning to make the lemonade, tomato and onion salad and also potato salad. The potato salad recipe is from Apply to Face Blog and you can see it here:

I first it made for Eurovision last year. I like to have some food and drink while watching the contest! I forgot to check the recipe before going shopping and didn't get the yoghurt or sour cream, so I'll do it without that this time. (I'm still avoiding going out too much).  Should still be nice though!

I've made rice pudding for the past few years as well, an idea inspired by the  Llewellyn's 2017 Sabbats Almanac . I wasn't able to find any pudding rice recently but maybe I'll get some later and make it. (If you prefer not to make it/can't get any pudding rice you could always buy some). You can see a pic from when I made it for Litha 2017 here:

I also want to light a candle since Litha is a fire festival and the longest day, and go  to the park at sunset and take some pics. Taking sunset photos in nature is one of my favourite things to do on sabbats. You could take ones at sunrise instead if you're more of a morning person!

Summer Inspiration

Now here are a few links with inspiration for celebrating summer. Although this season is likely to look different this year with lockdowns/quarantines and restrictions still in many places, hopefully you can find some things to do. :)

Summer Round-up + Inspiration post from last year:

Summer inspired self care activities from It's Lauren Victoria:

Hope you enjoyed the post and found something to inspire you! How are you planning to celebrate Litha/and or summer? (Or Yule and or/winter depending on your area). I'll do another post next week about my Litha celebrations.

Hope everyone is doing ok because it's been a difficult first half of the year and it's quite a heavy atmosphere at the moment. Take care of yourselves. Happy Litha! (Or Yule!). :)

Photo: Buckingham Park, Shoreham-by-sea. Moonsparkle 2020.


  1. What a terrific roundup of links. It's very thoughtful of you to shine the spotlight on both concurrent sabbats - all the while giving those who have a few months to go still until either Litha or Yule, respectively, returns plenty to read up on and get all the more in the preemptive spirit for.

    May the warmth, vitality, beauty, abundance and blessings of Litha be yours straight on to Lammas!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you for checking out my post, Autumn and I'm glad you liked the round-up! :) I thought it would be nice to include Yule links too.

      Thank you, wishing you many blessings too and may you enjoy this period between Litha and Lammas! <3